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Our Services

We are your business partner. Our goal is to help you run your small business in the most efficient and effective manner today, so you continue to see the rewards of your efforts tomorrow.

We take pride in serving each client's personalized needs and offer strategies to enhance and streamline your business operations.

Licensed Certified Public Accountants

Member of the American Institute of CPAs

Specializing in Business Tax Planning, Compliance and Consulting

Our services include:

  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • New Business Advice
  • Payroll Check Preparation
  • Payroll Tax Assistance
  • Small Business Loan Assistance
  • Quickbooks Software Training
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Return Preparation

Tax return preparation services are provided in a cost efficient, timely manner by fax, phone, regular mail and email. All returns are computer generated and electronically filed if possible. We are available year-round and answer any tax notices or questions about our work product for no additional charge.

Where to Find Us
Two locations serving
Central Pennsylvania

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Member PICPA

Authorized IRS E-File Provider

227 Jefferson Avenue • Tyrone Shopping Center • Tyrone, PA • 814.684.4640
1637 E. Pleasant Valley Blvd. • Altoona, PA • 814.941.7305